Thursday, 19 August 2010

Handmade Rakhi Cards

Hi... I have made Rakhi Cards.. inspired by Juhi's Rakhi Tutorial .. Thanks Juhi for your tutorial and inspiration :0)...

Here is my Handmade Rakhi Card which i have made for my elder brother and couriered him today:

This one i couriered to my cousin brother:

Hope you guys will like it.. Once again thanks to Juhi.



  1. Hey! After seeing u all post your Rakhi creations, I feel like a duh! for not capturing & posting my project for Rakhi...... I not only made a card but also a simple rakhi to go with the card.... & since I completed the project late in the night & the next day I had to leave to Ranchi, I failed to capture & post.... I have it with me... As soon as I reach Ranchi I would courier it to my brother..... & only after I reach I would be able to post my project too..... I really miss posting mine....

    Those are lovely & very adorable.... I am sure ur siblings would love them..... God Bless!!!!


  2. Loved the cards.. I can never think of making such cards for my brothers.. they'll die laughing!! :( I'm waiting for them to get married so i can make cards for their wives!! :D

  3. thats a nice way to send Rakhi. Nothing like making a rakhi card and sending to you bro.

  4. wow!.. love it!.. the card looks fab!.. :D

  5. Thanks everybody for the inspiration.... By the way.. Rakhi is also made by me..

  6. nice work keep it up.Allah bless u

  7. Very beautiful collection of handmade rakhi cards. I will make one for my brother too.