Friday, 24 September 2010

Hug Me - Teddy bear

I got the inspiration from Blackleaf studios shaped cards... so much inspired that wants to make it immediately...Made this card yesterday night till 12.00 ..

I have drawn the teddy bear on pink cardstock then cut it out... after that each part of teddy bear is cut it out from purple cardstock and pasted on pink card stock...lots of work believe me.. :) little one loved it too much....

Here is the pic:

Love Deepti


  1. Lot of work is visible Deepti!! You did a great job!! I am no good at shaped cards :D

  2. :) Nicely done card! I can never do justice to hand-cut cards, my cutting is sooo rickety! :D

  3. Thanks everybody ....:) got theinspiration fronm you guys only...